Donovan Bros Ltd are a family run business established over 75 years ago

Leading Provider of Eco Friendly & Biodegradable Food Catering Packaging Solutions for the UK

Pioneering Sustainable Packaging Solutions Since 1947

A Family Legacy Built on Quality and Sustainability

For over 75 years, Donovan Bros has been a leading provider of catering packaging solutions for the UK. Our story began as a family-run business specialising in paper bags, and that heritage of quality and commitment has remained at the core of everything we do. Today, we’re proud to be at the forefront of the sustainable packaging movement, offering eco-friendly options that meet the needs of businesses and the environment alike.

The world is becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of traditional materials used within this industry. At Donovan Bros, we offer a wide range of premium sustainable alternatives that never compromise on functionality or style.


Our compostable products are made from plant-based materials and are designed to decompose naturally in a commercial composting facility, turning into nutrient-rich soil.


These products break down over time into harmless elements, minimising their impact on landfills.

Recycled Content:

We use a significant amount of recycled materials, reducing our reliance on virgin resources and promoting a circular economy.

Explore Our Eco-Friendly Product Range

We understand the evolving needs of caterers and chefs, and we’re constantly seeking innovative solutions to keep you ahead of the curve. While our business continues to expand, we maintain the dependable service and personal touch you expect from a family-led company.

We offer a comprehensive selection of sustainable catering essentials to meet any business’s needs:

Bags and Wraps:

We offer a variety of paper and bio-based bags and wraps for sandwiches, pastries, and other takeaway items.

Food Containers:

Choose from a variety of sizes and styles, including salad containers, lunch boxes, and hinged containers, all made from eco-friendly materials.


Ditch the plastic! We offer a selection of compostable and biodegradable cutlery options, including forks, knives, spoons, and even chopsticks.

Cups and Lids:

Enjoy guilt-free hot and cold beverages with our compostable cups and lids.

Sustainable Solutions with World-Renowned Partners

Our roots in paper bag manufacturing instilled a deep understanding of the importance of environmentally responsible packaging. That’s why we partner with industry leaders like Duni, Vegware, and Sabert to offer a comprehensive range of eco-friendly products. Whether you need compostable cutlery, biodegradable containers, or recycled paper goods, we have the sustainable solutions you demand.

Why Choose Donovan Bros?

Fast & Efficient Delivery:

Located close to central London with easy access to the M25, Donovan Bros delivers the fast and efficient service today’s caterers rely on.

Unwavering Quality:

We never compromise on quality in the pursuit of sustainability. We’re proud to be the main suppliers for world renowned manufacturers, with our vast product range designed to deliver superior performance time and time again.

Unmatched Expertise:

With decades of experience in the catering packaging industry, we offer expert advice and support to help you find the perfect sustainable solutions for your business.

Dedicated Customer Service:

Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to answer your questions and guide you through the process.

Join the Sustainable Movement

Together, we can make a difference. By choosing Donovan Bros for your catering packaging needs, you’re taking a stand for a more sustainable future. Explore our product range online or contact our team today and we’d be happy to help.

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