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SOLO Clear Tumblers & Lids

Solo Cup Europe, paper, foam and plastic cups and food containers

Solo Cup Europe is a leading manufacturer of high performance single-use foodservice products. Solo Ultra Clear Cups have superb clarity and crack resistance for a highend look and feel. Easily recyclable, they also feature excellent taste and odour integrity.When you need to impress, the difference is clear.


Material: Cup: PET Lid: PET
Cup Sizes: 3.5 - 32oz. (104-946ml)
Clear (Special Prints also available)
Lid Options: Straw Slot, No Slot, Dome With Hole, Dome No Hole

Solo Cup Europe is a co-sponsor Closed Loop Recycling’s Office Recycling Scheme and is also working in partnership with Closed Loop Recycling to obtain rPET material. Solo Cup Europe will be supplied with 20% of Closed Loop Recycling’s rPET, which will have been derived from the PET products collected from offices. This rPET flake material meets EU regulations for food contact use

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