Cold Drink Plastic Tumblers

Flexible Plastic glasses are made from thermoformed polypropylene. They have a rather poor image because the cheapest glasses of this type are either so thin and light that you need two of them to do the job properly, or they use poor quality plastic that looks cloudy. This is a pity because flexible plastic glasses can still be a quality solution.

OUR thermoformed polypropylene glasses are from an Italian manufacturer and are made using virgin materials in a modern, fully automated factory that complies with the latest European standards. The resulting product is made and packaged to a consistently high standard.

Thermoformed Polypropylene Tumblers (our PGEP codes): Low prices; slightly opaque; will flex rather than crack; high volume option. Make this choice when you want the maximum number of glasses for the money.

Thermoformed Crystal Polystyrene Tumblers(our PGC codes)Mid range, high clarity; high volume option; may crack under pressure but will not shatter. Make this choice when you want high volume, high clarity and low prices.

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White Tall Vending Cup 7oz(200)
Price:  £33.14 (£39.77 Inc VAT)

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