SABERT Platters

Sabert Makes Food Look Great®. Whether you're looking for a simple black round tray or something a cut above, Sabert can provide for all your catering needs. Built on the need for disposable platter solutions, Sabert prides itself on the largest selection and highest quality of platters available.From plates, to platters, to packaging and more, Sabert makes your food, and your table, look great.

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Black Rect.Platter x Lge 370x550mm 9321(50)
Price From:  £51.25 (£61.50 Inc VAT)
Black Rect. Platter Large 305x455mm 9318(50)
Price From:  £36.23 (£43.48 Inc VAT)
Black Rect.Platter Medium 242x355mm 9314(50)
Price From:  £36.78 (£44.14 Inc VAT)

Domed Lid for Rect.Platter 52318(50)
Price:  £45.63 (£54.76 Inc VAT)

Marble Effect Rect.Platter Large 8318(50)
Price:  £99.56 (£119.47 Inc VAT)

Marble Effect Rect.Platter X Large 8321(50)
Price:  £129.08 (£154.90 Inc VAT)

Silver Octag.Platter Medium 345(50)
Price:  £67.55 (£81.06 Inc VAT)
Lid for Octag.Platter Lge 52365(50)
Price:  £45.63 (£54.76 Inc VAT)

Showing 1 - 18 of 25 Results